We Didn’t Start The Fire

Why are we the generation that has to suffer through all of our childhood favorites being reimagined whilst we’re still trying to enjoy our youth?! I’m only 26, for the love of Apollo. Give it a rest! It’s like nothing of ours is sacred and we have to let our crappy little siblings play with all of our best toys and they get their grubby little hands nice and filthy before picking them up and then when they give it back, everything’s all corroded. What the hell. (This was just something I jotted down as a draft and on which I intended to elaborate…*wanders off*)

And also, what the heck constitutes a generation? Is it only definitive when it comes to events? Like the “baby boomers”… the “mtv generation”… aside from that, how do we know where one ends and the other begins? Like, my dad’s generation doesn’t have a name, right? He was born in 1944 so… he’s the “Hitler’s still alive” generation? I don’t know. Okay, according to Wikipedia, “Generations are extended periods of time that are connected with pop cultures.” However, I should mention that the article from which I got that is multiple times disputed. … So.

As Jennifer listens to “Singing in the Rain”, I’m reminded how my love for Gene Kelly was soiled by the knowledge that the “dancer” who partners with Gremio (…which I could have sworn was Bob Fosse’s character, but is credited as my Bobby Van by imdb) probably got the job because she was engaged to Kelly. She ruined SEVERAL numbers in the movie and generally pissed me off, since Bobby was my pick. (In a household with three girls, every man who met our fancy was assigned to one of us… and it really mattered to us… we’d shriek, “Got ‘im!”, to cement our ownership and whoever said it first got… well, him. Also, there were occasions upon which we had someone in a specific role, like Mel Gibson in “Tim” versus Mel Gibson in “Lethal Weapon”, however he was the same character in the whole Weapon franchise and therefore belonged solely to whomever called him for all four movies. Oh, and there were trades. Tom Selleck and Christopher Reeves were hot ticket items. And Dwayne Wayne… I’m just tellin’ all the family secrets.)

More later? I’m Ron Burgundy?


4 thoughts on “We Didn’t Start The Fire

  1. OMG, don’t tell them ALL. Those dreams that lasted for YEARS about my Mel Gibson love affair….Wow, those are times to be cherished.


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