Best. Comic. Ever.



That’s what genius looks like. It leaves me speechless (a) that someone got it and was able to articulate it because frankly when some thing or trend is so retarded, I can’t usually do anything but watch my head explode and (b) that the parody was so spot-on. It’s like watching the latest episode of 30 Rock where the girl sings and it’s that irritating “everything sparse and distorted/weird is awesome and profound and this indie generation is so much smarter and post-cynical=pseudo-confident-in-their-intellectual-equality than any before it” sound? Sweet Jesus. Tina Fey is my mirror into my own future.

Which reminds me: I keep forgetting to warn you that the backlash? The post-indie era? Yeah, pop is going to sound meaningful again. Once we’ve wrung every drip out of that whole cooler-than-thou towel, we’ll once again be able to remember that taste is subjective. And even when it’s not, …well, it’s better than the whole youth world claiming to be unique while wearing the same pair of skinny pants. PS If you’d be born earlier enough in the 80s to have class pictures (buried somewhere) wearing …any of that garb… you’d stop being So Fresh.

I may have digressed.

9 thoughts on “Best. Comic. Ever.

  1. 80s pop looks pretty god damn deep, sonically & lyrically, in comparison to the current. If that’s what our future pop overlords are wearing – bring on the queens!

    I agree though, and it’s a good point.

    It’s interesting that indie is currently mining 80s pop so heavily…I suspect indie IS the next pop. Maybe pop & country will merge into “Cop” or “Puntry” or something.


  2. That was a deliciously excoriating anti-hipster rant. Fine work.

    And no–I don’t count as a hipster–I only have the glasses. 😛


  3. Very nice. The hipster comment reminds me of the skit I saw on some sketch show. The title the skit was the hipster olympics and they were pretty much too cool to do anything in order to win.

    Also who actually downloads books and reads them on their tiny ass pda’s and such?


  4. There you are. 🙂 You know how I feel about the children and our future. The children. Are our future.

    Today belongs to us.

    I feel that I must speak out against not buying books. Because I will have my own. And you will buy them. Thus sayeth the Lord of hosts. I mean, hotness. Which is me.


  5. Seriously. And there’s just something so special about books! About having the genuine article with caressable, besmirchable cover art, all to yourself! I like to crack that spine and christen that bitch all myself. No e-books for me except for those I inherently disrespect but want to read regardless (*cough* Twilight *cough*)


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