Covert Racism, or: Bethany’s Upset About Something

First of all, let me just say that Joshua got invited to serve on the Grand Jury. Josh. Not me. O_o Racism? Yes. Yes, we would.

Secondly, let me say that while Joshua was a sweetheart and supportively declaring, “Congratulations, Manny Singer!” when he brought in the mail which today had my first jury summons since, like, before I graduated from college (which was in 04), he also added, “You’re the only person in the world who likes to get these.” That’s an assumption. He doesn’t know that for sure. PLUS, they had to send me my first summons in over four years this month during Spring Break. When I’m not going to be in Santa Cruz. O_o Racism? Yes. Yes, they did.

So now I’m sitting here, trying to enjoy this slip of paper and not acknowledge that there’s virtually no way I’m actually going to get to go. That and the last time I went, I was only there for a half day before being thanked and dismissed. Which, in retrospect, was my own fault because I was wearing a headwrap and a UCSC zippy sweater. Dang it. They probably don’t much like college students. Or potentially militant Black women who went to college. RACIST. And that case was about domestic rape!!!! DANG IT! I’ve never truly gotten over that, I’ll admit.

So. Aside from the whole not being around thing. There’s also that problem about needing childcare for Ezra if I do get to go. Since I have two friends in Santa Cruz and have no intention of making more….and those are employed…DANG IT!

I hate racism.


4 thoughts on “Covert Racism, or: Bethany’s Upset About Something

  1. I think you are, indeed, the only person who likes to get those.

    I’ve gotten maybe 3…4 in my lifetime, and thankfully never had to actually show up.


  2. Bethany. I think they discovered your blog. They never, never mail you a summons unless everybody else is too old, too collegiate, or too comafied to come. This one must be big!


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