Dear Sweet Baby Jesus?

“And now, because the children are the future, here are the children, singing, ‘The Children…Are The Future’. Children?”

chantelle-and-alfie Now, while you may be wondering how there’s anything wrong with this family picture, rest assured. First. They’re British. Duh. I just wanna throw that out there so the next part isn’t so hard for you. Secondly, they’re not siblings. Yeah. The ogre-sized girl and the boy I maintain is six-and-a-quarter are the proud “parents” of the baby.  She’s 16 (which, in ogre years, is like … wait, do ogres age differently?) and he’s 13. Which, is my mind, based solely on his appearance is statutory. COME ON. Who the hell looks at that kid and thinks sexual thoughts?!? Unless you’re from some slummy suburb in England and the teen pregnancy rate is ridiculous. Now, I realize it is stupid to make statements like that when kids in America have sex and their parents stupidly consider it acceptable and where the rate of teen pregnancy is low(er) ostensibly because of the societal investment in abortion and not making said CHILD have their parent present to perform this perfectly legal “termination”.

So maybe it’s the fact that America is huge. And there are tons of people with differing opinions. There are tons of kids who aren’t strolling the high street at what I’m sure was a school hour, having what appeared to be dry sex in front of the Woolworth’s. In broad daylight. Comfortable because there seemed absolutely no respect for the presence of elders. Many of whom spent their days equally uselessly, living off council. And no, I’m not describing Tennessee, but only because I’ve never been there, I’m sure. Basically, there is just a distinctive feeling that I associate with being surrounded by these little monsters. Mostly because in America, I’ve never seen a pregnant thirteen year old get served in a pub. While asking for a cigarette.

The point is. Sadness. For trizzle. Because the latest news on this “couple” is that when she turns sixteen – oh, my bad, she’s still 15 – she can move into a free council-housing apartment and if he moves in, because of how young he is (and probably something to do with the fact that he can’t reach the counter) – she will become his legal guardian and get the same benefits as a single mother of two. Because this is the other thing that confounded me about these kids. They were completely encouraged by the system and had seemingly no repercussions for their actions and certainly no incentive to do anything differently. Let’s give them a free house, free income “assistance”… because when you can become the legal guardian of your lover, there’s nothing wrong with this picture. Aside from that it’s hideous and evil. O_O

I’m crying on the inside.


12 thoughts on “Dear Sweet Baby Jesus?

  1. Right, you are. Should I put up another story from America (making sure there’s one from the north and the south so as not to offend anyone)? Or can this one induce enough barf?


  2. Haha. She, indeed, is screwed. And that poor Alfie child must be (among other things) blind to have ever let his winky enter her love-grotto; I think that dear Momma came from some sort of three-quarters-r-tarded elven colony far in the Back East Woods.


  3. “I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children’s children, because I don’t think children should be having sex.”

    Jack Handy


  4. And now you know my pain, lol. I was held captive by this story when I first read it and didn’t blog about it immediately because my brain refused to wrap around it.
    Thanks for your comment and welcome!


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