What May Look Like Hypocrisy…

But first. Things my son says:

“I can’t take this!” – usually when he is corrected during school work. O_O
“Why would you do such a thing!” – usually in jest when I force him to kiss me.
“This is really a problem.” – just now when he found a shell that had long since fallen off of my necklace.


I should just come clean. … As someone who has railed against (and thrown up over) the idea (and frequent examples) of self-publication, it might surprise you to know that I’ve been spending the last half week on Lulu.com. It shouldn’t. You know those photo albums and home movies-turned-dvd to which I dedicate days of my life… it’s basically that. Ah, records. Of things passed. That shall – for the most part – under no circumstances be conventionally published. The part I must confess is how long I’ve been working on the cover art. Le sigh. I’m … so proud of myself. HAH, didn’t see that comin’, didya? Well, I am. I cannot lie and say this entire process – which was initially for one long ago project whose unveiling was supposed to be a surprise but I GET TOO EXCITED – has been fun. For, you see, there are two little texts which are necessarily formatted, seeing as they are plays. But. The stupid process of them being integrated into the “print-ready” document means that my page breakers are not maintained. Though I said REPEATEDLY that I would not, I revised the original document of the one I worked on today… more than 22 times. That’s one fullscale overhaul for every single page of the document. And I’ve had to remember that – though I would sooner slit my wrists than show a less than perfect project – no one has to see it! It’s just for me! (Well, the two that are formatted, that is… well, aside from Jordan who inspired one of them.) While this presently makes me feel better…. I know it’s only a matter of time before I start trying again. And before you ask: no there is no rhyme or outline for how to sync up my efforts with their program. It’s been a guessing game. Blerg.

But the reason I’m so happy is because one of those plays had been given a “blah” name for like three years. And today. I renamed it. And the cover art came out of it. And both me and Josh fell in love with it. LE sigh. LE. Sigh. Happy, dopamine-inducing production. That has nothing to do with the real life progression towards publication. Which is a whole nother story.


2 thoughts on “What May Look Like Hypocrisy…

  1. I can’t wait until Z starts saying precious stuff. Although his single semi-word exclamations are pretty damn kawai. Still. Words strung together for the goalpost!

    Good luck with whatever obscure literary-visual endeavor it is you are toiling away at.


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