Holy. Lord.

Hilarity. Where, you ask? Here, I answer. No, here.

In other news…. who didn’t already know this guy was a douche-nugget?!

You heard me right.

You heard me right.

I don’t care if you’re being paid. I don’t. You are a pansy, pouting, handsome-like-a-victorian-fop-or-dandy douche-nugget who I assume cries during coitus. There, I said it. I’m not just mad because of all three Star Wars prequels. I’m mad because he is. Oh, right and that’s the boring as hell looking girl from the show I dare not speak its name. I mean I don’t go around accusing people of being gay but if you don’t walk in on this guy and the pool boy, …. Dude, he still has on his make-up from the last performance of Madame Butterfly.

I…might be irrationally upset right now.

Anyway, I don’t think I have anything of use to say. So here’s another picture.

Make me the blue one.

Make me the blue one.


10 thoughts on “Holy. Lord.

  1. I totally did not (and still don’t) recognize him in that picture. I can only assume it’s because he finally emerged from his douchestyalis into his newly formed fullondoucherfly shape.

    I don’t understand the rest of what you are saying, so I’m going to take it as an insult.


  2. Wow… I’m with Andy; I had no clue who that was.
    I didn’t watch Star Wars but he was pretty cute in Jumper. After seeing that picture I don’t think I can watch his movies again. He could be one of the guys from “that” video (you know what I’m talkin’ about, Bethany).


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