The Death Toll Is Currently At Zero

…but it is threatening to shoot right up at any minute!

Okay I just flipped my ish. Because grown women are also afraid of thunderous…thunder rising to a crescendo that will leave someone deaf. Did I mention it was preceded by a flash of lightning? And that last year, the storm season left trees in roofs across the walkway from our powerless, dark home (which lasted two days)? Because that’s what happened, people. And apparently, it’s back for me, sprinkling these little doosies in every hour for good measure:

That’s the tail end of the hail shower that starts out pounding like Mike Tyson and then tapers off so you think the whole cycle’s done, except it’s followed by a bruising round of fat rain pellets. So. You know. Good tidings, we bring.

HEY! Member that time in college (at this … same place…in this same forest) when I got hit on the top of my head by a fat hail ball and was confused as to what happened and how it got through my umbrella, which had actually capsized already?! Yeah. I like it here.


4 thoughts on “The Death Toll Is Currently At Zero

  1. All I can say is I was snowed in for two days… you can have that it you want. Remember when we were in Hawaii on Christmas and it was effing hot…yeah…

    Does that make you feel any better?


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