The Impossible Dream

Okay, I guess it wasn’t that impossible. Just don’t take naps late in the afternoon with semi-wet hair?

So I was in the movie theater in a mall, waiting for showtime (or to buy tickets tho I wasn’t in the line, I was walking around some partitioned off, badly placed area…which is to say, right in front of the concession stand, after about four people deep in the line, there was a large, rectangular space – maybe for art, for cut-outs? – that was surrounded by this waist-high plexiglass barrier). So I wasn’t waiting for tickets, I was waiting for showtime to get closer so that we could buy our goodies and go inside, which makes sense since Josh and I used to do that a lot when we went to the theater on Pacific Av in Santa Cruz before we had Ezzie. I have no idea which theater this was and at the time it seemed like a stand-alone.

ANYWAY! I’m with my boyfriend (?) whose British (?). Then suddenly – on like our third lap around the plexiglass – maybe there’s a noise from outside, I realize something is coming. The Green Goblin, to be exact. I motion for all the people in the concession line to follow me deeper into the theater, remaining calm myself. This is explained when I tell someone (whomever is now running alongside me is not my boyfriend and is female) I knew it was only a matter of time because I was dating Spiderman and Batman within the last two years and that always draws drama. (?!?!)

When we get inside a theater, choosing what we hope is a random one that he won’t enter – I see my childhood play-cousin, Quaylan and his friends to whom I rush over – they’ve all rushed to the front of the theater, crouched in front of the first few rows of seats. We hug and act like we’re about to get reacquainted until it becomes obvious that this theater is the one he’s going to enter. At this point, a click sound is heard and then something rolling/bouncing down one of the side aisles (btw this place looks more like an unlit church sanctuary without a podium than a regular theater). I’m about to run from where I’m suddenly at (on the other side of the columns separating the side aisle from the main seating area) to t he main area to hide between seats but then I realize the bomb is meant to cattle everyone in that direction so I and the woman who’s now constantly around me run to the lower part of the same section. I know the blast radius (remember because I dated Spiderman, so apparently I’m familiar with all nemesis autillary) so I know we’ll be safe. I lay flat in the shadow of a pillar (or something) instead of crouching behind things like the woman who finds herself hiding directly next to me – worried that one’s bowed back will be visible.

I should probably say at this point that the Goblin is now a woman. A huge woman whose identity is a mystery. This is dreamland, people, roll with the punches. Anyway, she walks down the aisle – people are running and screaming. No idea what she’s doing. Until she passes me and the other woman, sees the woman’s bowed back, rips her from her hiding place, slams her on the floor, turns her over and does what sounds like a knife going straight down through clothes and flesh. Why I know what that sounds like, I have no idea. At this point, I feel like I’m gonna go into cardiac arrest, my heart is beating so fast. I think, if she grabs me, I’ll have to wake myself up… which is the first time I’ve “known” I was dreaming. (Usually comes up when I’m in danger, though.) Anyway, this was not like split second fast – this killing – but rather as though the huge woman had all the time in the world and was just strolling around to exterminate things. The woman who was killed didn’t gasp though or scream, which was scary to me for some reason…

So the killer woman walks up the aisle and out of the theater room. And we all rush back to the “bottom” of the room, thinking about what we should do. Only one young woman looks at us like we’re stupid and says, “I’m going out this exit.” Everyone’s about to follow her until I suddenly stop and realize if it were that easy, we woulda done it before (not that I previously realized there would of course be an exit in here). And. That’s my whole rationale for not following her. I rush over to the far end of that back wall and yank the shutters off of a high window like one you’d find in a bathroom, for ventilation but very narrow in depth. Why is it here? Who knows. The woman behind me asks another girl if she can squeeze through the window. I answer, “I’m going, lady. I have a child. We can all go.” Like, this isn’t a search mission, dork. But also….I suddenly have a child, even tho at the beginning of the dream I was with a nonexistent British boyfriend? Sure. So I punch the screen out of this ridiculous window, pull myself up until my butt is about to come through (if it could fit), then turn around and sit down on the window, pulling myself up from that point and lowering my legs down to the sidewalk.

Now it’s like we’re at the Capitola Mall, despite it not having a theater. But the sidewalk along the building and the Sears that’s right there are obviously from that mall. So, the woman who went through the door is sitting on the sidewalk right outside of it, apparently incapacitated though the reason is unknown, and now she’s wearing a houndstooth shell top with a black pencil skirt and looks like she’s a secretary from a couple generations ago. ?!?! ANYWAY. We take off into the parking lot, where it becomes obvious that agents of the killer woman are looking for escapers. Somehow, they know what we will look like and our names. Like we took roll before seeing movies. (Which reminds me, when I climbed out, the people who were still in the theater room told me to leave some ID, which made total sense but I forgot to do it. And I have no idea what the logic was…maybe at this point, they suddenly knew that we were being held prisoner. ) So I’m literally looking for my car but it turns out that the other women are pretending to, knowing their cars aren’t in this direction. Again, logic lost. Why get the agents to figure out who you are and use the couple minutes when they rush inside (’cause they don’t have walkie-talkies in this scenario?!) to tell our identities to run to your car…. Anyway, so I’ve been freakin’ out because I don’t know where my keys are anyway. Well, one of the agents decides to just made a run at us (seeing as they’re all men and we’re all women) and we rush into the Sears that was next door to the theater. We’re running first through the auto repair garage, then inside in the tools section, which is where they somehow head us off. At this point, my brain goes, “duh!” and I realize I can just seduce them. So I come out of hiding and start being comic book seductive which is where I wake up.

*bows to thunderous applause*


3 thoughts on “The Impossible Dream

  1. Yeah, my dreams are no joke. They like to be feature length. Last night’s dream was one of the rarities: every time I woke up, I went back into the same dream. That has only happened like once in my life, I think.


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