Escape To More Of The Same

I don’t know if somebody in Santa Cruz is playing freakin’ Jumanji in this piece but it suddenly became monsoon season. The worst hailstorm I’ve ever been in did occur here, come to think of it… so maybe it’s nature. But prolly not. ‘Member how that movie was freakin’ awesome when it came out and then you saw it recently on cable and realized it was the crappiest special effects movie ever? Like, the spiders look like something out of KBToystore? Seriously.

Okay, I should just be up front and say, this whole no-sleep thing is a night to night phenomenon. Last night, I went to bed and fell asleep (having a disturbing dream, though). Tonight, I went to bed and thought about how those colossal squids have a brain that weighs an ounce and how it has a hole in the middle and their food travels down that hole to be digested and if it eats something slightly too large to be manuevered through said hole, they get brain damage. No joke. That’s hilarious. Which makes sense that they only live for a year and a half. How long could you possibly live with that kind of set-up?

Furthermore, one of the Indian guys from 40 Year Old Virgin is batcrapcrazy.  I, um, really liked that guy. Aaaand I’m done.

Dude, my mind is chaos. Good chaos, but chaos. I need some Portland. Wait, it’s raining here! Nevermind!

P.S. Watched Tropic Thunder? Sweet Jesu. That’s not a typo. For serious. I have always been in love with Robert Downey Jr – even for that period of time when I wasn’t supposed to be – and I just want him. That didn’t come out right. I wanna be on him.  Oh, does that count as a review? I loved it; couldn’t keep track of how many movies/actors/images they made fun of; believe someone said, “I am a rooster illusion” at some point; wanted to see Jack Black wear the bull’s belly skin as a unitard.

Lemmon, out.


2 thoughts on “Escape To More Of The Same

  1. Ahh, but it’s NOT raining here. I dunno if it’s that global warming schtick or just the long cycle of nature…but the weather has been crazy everywhere in this last year. That snow we had was the worst here in like 40 years or something? It was obnoxious.

    Are you talking about those 40ft squids they’ve only ever caught one of? They only lift 18 months? That seems odds.

    Tropic Thunder was indeed a surprise…I really wonder how half that stuff plays in the “average viewer”‘s mind though.


  2. The trailers before the movie? Priceless.

    And yeah, they’ve caught and “defrosted” that one? First of all, those things look crazy and secondly, … that scientist who dedicated his entire life to that… it um kinda makes me sad for him.


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