Just A Nibble

Of Kidneys and Kooter Juice… it sounds like a longlost Jane Austen tome, doesn’t it. Really, it refers to the latest trend of transvaginal kidney donations. Which means you just got va-jay-jay sauce on your donated internal organ. I’m. Not sure how to feel about that, unless we only get said donations from our mothers. In which case, it’ll match the set. When I first read this, I shouted, “Hold. The phone.” And Ezra grabbed my cell off the table. HILARIOUS.

Katherine Heigl’s hubby of one year is offering some profound marital advice, as someone who says he feels closer to her now than when they got married. If you’re not growing “more in love” everyday? It’s time to move on. Now I don’t wanna disrespect an elder, retarded as he may be, but as someone who’s been married almost seven times longer than him: Easy, Action. The whole thing about marriage is that it’s constant. So. Maybe every day after the honeymoon phase won’t seem like you can feel the throbbing love growth. Maybe at some point – if you’re normal and reflective – you might even wonder if you love your spouse and how you know. Because when something is constant – like the air we breathe – sometimes you forget it’s there and how much you need it. But, what he said too. As soon as you hit that plateau, don’t wait it out or work on it or exert yourself in any way. Dump your spouse. SCORE! (And please, sir, don’t have kids.)


13 thoughts on “Just A Nibble

  1. It’s sad that more and more people hold the same view as he does about marriage. In American culture if you’re not happy all the time it means it time to move on; this applies to any subject, professions, friends, spouses. And if you’re not willing to foresake everything that matters to you you are in denial. Its all systemic of the instant gratification we have come to expect from society; it is a very childish new world, me me me me me, wwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaa.

    And where are they gonna pull organs out of men now? Just think about it. lol


  2. Okay, a) you could have asked if I were a black woman fan, cuz that’s a hella common nickname now. b) Ezra made me almost throw up in shocked delight with that one. … um, Honey, by further south do you mean… around the bend? Because expelling from there isn’t a task. I want a man to expel a goose egg from his junk so we can all be even. 😀 Kinda.


  3. I hope they don’t transplant anything through MY genitals…

    PS. Work it on out…yeah yeah. C’mon people now, smile like your mothers, we’ve gotta get gloves on one another right now.


  4. Search me. It took Ezra days to stop smelling fresh from the…oven. I can’t imagine taking something immediately from the nether regions and popping it in someone else’s body while it’s still fuming!


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