Oldies But Goldies

With no regard for civility or victorian perceptions of right and wrong, I am about to post some older entries that I quite enjoyed upon reading tonight. Yes, you understand me. These links will take you to an entry that made me wet my pants. An entry already published and overlooked by you. This is what passes for originality these days. Thank you for asking.

In no particular order, I give you:

That Time At UC Davis Emergency Room

Bird Crapping On My Patio

A Rare Reference to Law and Order

…and finally, My Post-Wales Hair Adventure. (Since that’s from the days of my actual myspace-archiving, you’ll have to scroll down to the entry in question.)

See (“I’m washin’ lettuce!”) I’m even restraining myself! Only four! If I’ve failed to mention your favorite – I like to posit alternate realities wherein someone other than my three readers will have something to say or at least those three readers will have found some entry memorable – do set my straight.


4 thoughts on “Oldies But Goldies

  1. Your attempt to disrupt the forward flow of the narrative with backspace/control/alt/insert has undone my confusion. Thankfully I am easily refused.

    You traps have not been fallen for.
    Knight red to palm tree queen’s rook.
    Tick, tock. Choke, hold, mate.


  2. What the hell is Andy talking about?
    Let me just say that that hair story will always be funny! Although I’m sure the “stylist” is still having nightmares about it.


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