Nothing compares to the sound of rain, especially thick, consistent rain. It’s impossible not to think of the color green, even when I don’t live in a forest/nature preserve. Moss. That’s what it looks like in my mind.

I feel less like I was beat over the head with “indier-than-thou-ness” after watching Juno than I anticipated. But only because of Jennifer Garner. I have never been a “fan” in that I’ve never thought, “hmm, I’m glad she was in that” or could think of some reason her performance was noteworthy or even made mental note or acknowledgment of her presence on the screen. Hm. This. Doesn’t sound like a positive review. What I’m saying is that I have never thought or felt anything about her until now. Her performance is what gave this movie a heart. Otherwise it’d just be another wise-cracking-slightly-charming teenager who only verbally submits to not knowing who she is. If you take the movie for what it actually accomplishes, I get no sense that she’s in a quandary, rather that everyone who doesn’t cavalierly drink slurpies and wear layered clothing is a loser. Don’t get me wrong, she was believably a teenager. But nobody ever told her to shut up. And I guess that doesn’t sit well with me. The other savior of the movie is Michael Cera, of course. He really is boss.

Oh and if you’re wondering. Yes. The French Family Funpack of Netflix strikes again.


2 thoughts on “Blurbage

  1. I’ve forgotten most of the movie….I remember the thing with Jason Bateman was kind of annoying though. Or whoever that guy was, man I can’t even remember.

    Go netflix!..I noticed that Blockbuster had dropped its rentals to $.99. Gee I wonder why?


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