What Do You Have?

Can you get a tummy ache from too much Netflix?
I think I’m getting a tummy ache from too much Netflix.

The brother and sister French (which is to say, my brother and sister, not that they are brother and sister to each other….ew) gave the hubby a month subscription to Netflix for Christmas and while we’ve both been watching it – I am clearly the addicted party. Because watching the first season of 30Rock (was righteous) was only the latest in a long,weeklong line of sedentary computer-watching hours for me. First it was the entire British Office line-up, then movies I’ve always wanted to see (Persepolis, Suddenly Last Summer), then things I’ve seen a million times (the first season of Criminal Intent)… I’m. Dying. But happily.

My son is singing in his room right now. The way their voices go from being entirely baby-sing-song-like to something close to actual verbrato is hilarity. Especially because of four he uses equal parts English and gibberish. I wish I could do that! Seriously, he knows the English language but he’s still detached enough from social expectation to switch it up with some made-up verbage and nonsensical logic. I love it.

Beginning a list of phrases that amuse and (honestly) embarrass me: “Whatcha got!” Used frequently during play (he’s an only child, let’s remember). The invisible foe (which could be his dance competitor or his jousting opponent) is constantly asked this rhetorical question as Ezra throws himself around the room.

There were a million little things he did yesterday that I was going to blog about. But I was too busy watching 30Rock. And occasionally going potty. Man. …. (I should say that I did however find time yesterday to get my Death Knight through the battle sequence and off to the good team. That was only about fifteen minutes, though.) OH! He did however continue to ignore his entire corner of the living room that houses his many toys, he disregarded his easel, his playdoh…. to take the shoelace out of my right converse and play with it for an hour. Literally. He balled it up, he stood in a ridiculously Jack Black wide-leg stance and pretended to be a colorguard member with it… he asked it, “Whatcha got!” So.


4 thoughts on “What Do You Have?

  1. I know what I got!!! OK, actually I don’t; I’m going to see someone about it.

    Hopefully it’s not..you know, warty.

    On the bright side, Ezzie sounds precious.
    Just today Z decided to start saying “bybedaddy” – as one word – at random. For pretty much any reason. He did that for about an hour and then stopped, so I’m not sure if he connected it to any actual events or not.


  2. I meant to ask about that thing above your lip…

    I missa the Z and his parents! The mind of a child is amazing so I wonder why people wonder whether they know what they mean. Like when Ezra used to call his father, Mama Josh. Which is precious for a million reasons, not the least of which is that it’s the best compliment a Dad can get and made it pretty obvious Ezra put thought (on some level) into what he was saying.


  3. This was clearly the best entry about nothing that I’ve ever, ever read. 🙂

    …holy shit, Ezra used to call Josh “Mama Josh!?” GOLDEN!


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