This is just a natural follow-up…

Hey. ‘Member that story I talked about last time wherein a woman turned out to be Satan? (It’s…in my previous entry.) Well, this is just a natural progression from there. Lemme try not to ruin the story for you… Some tampon named their children Adolph Hilter, Aryan Nation and something else. Oh and then the kids gotten taken away.

I feel like I need to repost this picture:



2 thoughts on “This is just a natural follow-up…

  1. Well, it can’t be contributing to the delinquency of a minor… but it seems like forcing your child to be a nazi billboard would definitely set them up for hardship until the age when they might legally change their names. And I would reasonably assume at least two of those kids would relatedly drop out of school. It’s science. “I don’t like being beat up or called Hitler. Despite it being my name.” So… what’s that called?


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