Is This A Dream!

And maybe nobody but Jennifer and I will care about this, but WTF! A Bronx Tale changed my life. In that I started dreaming about marrying Lillo and simultaneously wondering if I could reteach him how to run. I…can’t help but think this is kinda where the moral of that movie coulda come in handy, son. But maybe that’s what Lilly What’sherbuttwhoapparentlysingsorsomething was talking about when she wisely pontificated how, there’s nothing wrong with drugs…. just that some people don’t know how to use them “right”. Hmm.

Other than that, I am very proud of myself. Usually, I am a diehard loyalist when it comes to brands, particularly when the chosen one has done little to let me down. But that was before. I have promised half my heart to Macs. The half that uses Pages, iMovie and iDVD. 09. Which is going to make my head explode, it’s so yummy. Now, little has compared with getting my PC laptop the morning of my college graduation. Seriously. I don’t even think giving birth to Ezra….nevermind. ANYWAY. I cannot give up Microsoft Office on a PC… but I refuse to give up the aforementioned applications either. So despite the whole not understanding the backspace or insert keys, I am anxiously awaiting rekindling my Mac love affair.

Josh’s applications to Concordia and McGill are in the mail. I effing love making to-do lists and then completing the tasks listed on said lists. *closed eyes shudder* Ooooo. That feels delicious. I also sent out more of our Ezra movies. PEOPLE BETTER TELL ME WHEN THEY GET THEM. People. I’m looking at you two.


6 thoughts on “Is This A Dream!

  1. You know how people who play couples in movies forget that they are acting and get together in real life only to break up months later because they realize that what they had in common was scripted? Well this is what has apperently happened to mr soprano except he forgot that he really wasn’t a mobster. Don’t drop the soap buddy.

    Second note: Bethany does a wonderful job of making sure important things get done and so I let it slide when she says nerd stuff about to-do lists


  2. Firstly! He didn’t end up being a mobster in the movie!! But probably in The Sopranos. Le sigh.

    Secondly. Thank you. And you’re so cute that I rarely mention the lack of punctuation and occasionally misspelled words in your comments. So there.


  3. I had a laptop so I didn’t use one but Daddy’s has one and hell yes, that’s one of the many little huge irritations.

    And why are you lost? And where’d you get that popcorn?


  4. Weirdly enough, I already knew about the Lillo thing. And I thought to myself…”The saddest thing in life is a waste of talent…” So corny, but true!

    Yes, we got the movie! It was lovely, but had a bit too much Ezra and not enough Jen in it.


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