Crashlanding Complete

So, we got home about three hours ago, I think. Isn’t it weird that no matter how long you’re away from home (one month in this case), it doesn’t take any time to be “normal” again? I thought I’d be uber bored and lonely since we’ve been surrounded by people for the holidays but, nope. Feels just like it did before we left. Home really is three people.

So now that the Hubs has two quarters left of his undergraduate career and is finished with his major and other requirements (minus the minor he just took on to fill said final quarters) – my brain is entirely gone from this chapter of our lives. I know that on the surface it can look like your average bout of senioritis… but I never had that. I’m just the neurotic type who gets a dopamine releasing, pleasure sensation from planning, formatting, we’ve talked about this before, no? So I spent the entire two-and-a-half-hour drive updating our lists and those visual aids I heart so much. Which…is not what I was planning to blog about.

Another of my neuroses involves historical documentation. I have every journal I’ve ever written in and as blogged about before, I love scrapbooking (not in the conventional sense, mind you – technology makes it fun and less middle-aged) as well. WELL… tonight I was looking for something and came across the trove of journals. Opened one and read. God. I hate teenagers. Hahaha. No seriously. I wasn’t bad for the reasons I dislike modern teens. But playing a role even on paper? Even when the preceding page tells the brutal truth… um. Why so dedicated? Hahaha. Anyway. If only it were within my power to get rid of them. I’m not a pack-rat but certain things cannot be disposed of! Le sigh.

So, I just ate the last of the most tasty crab. Luckily, my husband hates the process of eating them. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Crashlanding Complete

  1. Crab…meh!
    I have to agree that home is not always a specific location. The nicer the location though, the more home it is 😉

    Sounds like you guys will be on to the next big thing pretty soon! Fun times.


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