S— Just Hit The Fan

I must have had my television off for the six months that they ran this story around the clock, with every media outlet sending correspondents to Galveston, Texas to get the family’s sentiments. The only logical explanation is that I’ve been in a coma and none of my family wanted to bother me with such news as I awakened. Because – SURELY – a country that made a TV movie like the DAY after that white, female soldier was rescued liberally applying Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up” … and ruining it…(….didn’t we later find out that the other female soldier who was in custody beyond that point was a black woman?)… SURELY in a country where we couldn’t get enough of that Elizabeth Smart kidnapping (despite a. the fact that she was like a dozen blocks from home the whole time and b. there was a much younger black girl who was kidnapped, chewed through her ropes and ran home in the same time period as the Smart kidnapping)… SURELY this country has been turned inside out over this story.

12 year old.




My math must be bad.

You want us to stop talking about race? A) Build a bridge and get over it. You’ve got another 400 years. B) GIVE ME A BETTER EXPLANATION, an explanation that is relevant and tangible and makes sense in this society.

(BTW, I heard about this on my brotherIL’s blog.)


8 thoughts on “S— Just Hit The Fan

  1. I suppose you’ve already discounted the possibility that the cops were telepathic future-scriers who knew that she would be a prostitute in a future life already huh? They know this because she is a) black and b) 12. Don’t fight the logic!! Crazy Bethany, always ready to throw away the rational explanations.

    But seriously. Wait. Should I comment to your comment-induced-blog on itself, or on my the blog that induced?

    Said confusion been sorted, because I’m here.

    The media is obviously waiting for just the right moment to swoop in and …and…..forget about it. I’m sure there will be another story to distract them about a far more “interesting” little white girl who was yelled at by a passing black man in a car. She will be visibly shaken, and perhaps rebel by dating black men and listening to rap, thus completing the destruction of society as we know it.

    Thank god for cops & media.


  2. You know, I reFUSE to teach my child the broad sentiment, “Police are bad” anymore than I’m willing to teach him that education is for uppity, white washed self-haters. But I shall indeed teach him the paradigms that have existed and threaten to persist if we don’t actively reeducate and critique our culture. Makes for good Saturday morning fun!


  3. How is it that I know all the names of the white girls who went missing, but I don’t know the name of the black girl who chewed her way to freedom? Curiouser and curiouser.


  4. You know, someone in game last night was talking about whatever the latest media baby is, and I think I really offended them because I was like “What? Sorry, I don’t follow that stuff.”

    I mean, it’s horrible and sad and all, but the media beats the same shit into the ground.


  5. Well I watched some update on JonBenet Ramsey and that british girl whose parents left her asleep in their hotel in Portugal. I’m at least glad we refuse to get over stuff like that. Like twelve years later. It doesn’t make those little girls any less important if you remember that there are nonwhite girls who have been kidnapped/killed/etc.


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