Seven Levels

Since I’m quarantining my son from the outside until after his nighttime attempts to expel his lungs ends, I’m not going to be running errands today. Which I need to do. Correction: one of which I needed to have done like half a month ago. But since it took me forever to get their documents, I’m trying not to feel horrible. So instead I’m going to regale you with my final dream from last night.

Basically, my brain decided that Lincoln Heights (as it was in my dream, I simply knew what it was supposed to be – it didn’t really resemble those … “actors”) is so bad that it must be Canadian. At some point, I’m walking through the house – leading Josh through a narrow walkway like towards a staircase after which will be a basement or laundry room. Something like that. And the structure of the house I must say is not like a contemporary house, so I’m not sure what it was that let me know what the show was supposed to be. ANYWAY, as Josh and I are walking, there’s a song playing which is really cool and has a female lead singer and sounds a bit like a less commercial version of Paramore.  But I start talking to Josh about how Jennifer’s gonna say they sound like Tegan and Sara which they don’t and how I don’t even like that group and how I like this group and I wonder who they are. And then we round a corner and the band name is written on the wall as the final shot of the episode so people know who was featured. They’re called Level 7. (If it matters, they were Canadian, too.)

So, of course, I google Level 7 because I can’t believe I remembered the fictitious band name. Turns out it’s really an apocalyptic science fiction novel written in 1959 about, well, the end of the world. That’s….kinda what I meant by apocalyptic. So, Andy, ever heard of it?

Yeeeeah. I’m awesome.

EDIT: How is it that people are clicking links that aren’t in any way connected to my blog? As in, under my admin stuff it’s listing all the files/pages people are finding and looking at through my stuff. And like half of them I’ve never seen or read before. Hein?


6 thoughts on “Seven Levels

  1. I have not heard of it, sorry I’m not that cool. And I rarely read anything anymore :(. Halfway through 2 different books, one of which has been that way all year now.

    Could it be the “possibly related posts” the website generates automatically?


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