The Rave Of The Land

Oh the gifts I have for you. (I spoil, I know.)

First, there’s my induction – six years into marriage – into the true Morrowness of the family.

And I put this one first because otherwise, the comedown from this next one – in which Ezra demonstrates the showmanship and magnanimous grace not seen since Shirley Temple interrupted “Dora’s Dunkin’ Donuts” – would be near fatal. I know they won’t’ compare in your mind. But to me, the driving of Dad’s John Deere – with gear attached! – is sacred.

There are pictures, of course, from our Thanksgiving pilgrimage across Sacramento – and upt to Lincoln – but I shall leave you with but one. Of me. Because otherwise I’ll get no attention. I… can’t compete with Ezra’s beauty.

Me & AuntieMomOh… what the heck.



8 thoughts on “The Rave Of The Land

  1. Lady, those are HAWT boots. But i have everlasting hatred for Aldo because they DON’T CARRY SIZE 11! HATERZ!

    Also: can you please ask Ezra if he’d be willing to make about 7 lbs of my Thanksgiving-grub-granted flesh and another grad essay disappear? I have just the newspaper for such a feat…



  2. His majesty accepts the challenge. He will begin by buying an oversized and fashionable corset belt and a pair of heels. Sha-ZAM!

    (she doesn’t mean that, Aldo, we love you forever amen.)


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