Apparently, the first word my son has written outside of his own name is “cool”. I remain in constant awe. Here’s a couple new pics from this month….

Watching videos from earlier this year, I can’t believe we’ve left those stages behind… that accent, the lisp… He acknowledged today that his growth is in direct defiance to my wishes… At least he knows.


4 thoughts on “The Best Of Me EXTENDED

  1. Ezra is priceless. Right now he is singing the part of the song that says “I love yooooou” and when he draws out the ‘you’ he is pointing at me. ROFL.

    Yes, Ezra pulls at all of our emotions. I am so happy that he is progressing so wonderfully and I am amazed at all he can do. But at the same time I miss all of those baby things he did and said. Almost all of his baby pictures make my eyes water.
    Gotta love him.


  2. Aww… your eyes water, huh? Ya sure those aren’t tears? And the part of the song he’s dedicating to you is ” and you’re the one” (cue finger point)…It happened like three seconds ago, Josh…


  3. I like the airplane with arms and a dinosaur tail, or something. I vaguely remember drawing stuff like that. Mostly, I think it was trucks with spiked tires and rocket launchers and lots of guns on them though. You know, stuff that would get you kicked out of school for threat of violence these days….


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