With My Babyyyyyy, On Boarddddd

Take that.


And that.


13 thoughts on “With My Babyyyyyy, On Boarddddd

  1. When Ezra was Zane’s age everyone had different opinions about who he resembled most. Now that I see Zane I can see the same confusion. When he makes different faces he looks like diffent relatives. But that is part of the reason we are family. I see Andy when he smiles and Chaya when he’s curious. But most importantly he is adorable. Ezra looks like a giant next to him. Why wont God let my baby grow. LOL


  2. Oh. My God. This just made my dark, frigid New England morning so much better. Your child. He is beyond adorable–and Zane’s going to give him a hard run for his cute-money! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  3. I can finally comment on your blogs! I know this doesn’t mean a thing to all you all, but to me it means a ton. I can finally elbow my way between you guys and shout my piece.

    Annnyways. What I wanted to say was…I can’t wait to see Z with his little brother, just seeing him with Ezra is busting my heart open.


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