Because My Tastes Must Be Contained: FAIL

EDIT: This was supposed to have my playlist… code’s apparently not working. I’ll be back. Maybe.

Current Favorites:

To Bring You Back by Paul Alan

This Place Is Haunted by DeVotchka

Your Love Means Everything by Coldplay

….what a great way to listen incessantly to the music of my youth. Wham! is about to abound, people.


4 thoughts on “Because My Tastes Must Be Contained: FAIL



    You are officially my new favorite person. “The Clockwise Witness” took possession of my soul this summer and arguably never let go.

    So, this must mean you also love Beirut?


  2. I know I’ve heard of Beirut but I don’t know if I’ve heard the music… Yes, I love Devotchka’s sound and I found it funny that when I was playing How It Ends for people it was pretty much 100% negative feedback (“sounds like circus music”, “that intro is way too long”) and then it gets chopped up and used in a commercial and a movie and suddenly it’s beautiful… weird.

    Wait, I wasn’t already your favorite person?!


  3. (sigh) no accounting for taste, right?

    And dude. My facebook preferences for music have been, for months, “the more it sounds like circus music, the better I like it.”

    You’re at the VERY least one of my favorite internet persons. 🙂

    You NEED to listen to Beirut. If you like DeVotchKa, you’ll love them. Download The Flying Club Cup and listen to “Nantes.” Fall in love. In fact–here.

    Ok. Be aware that singer Zach Condon harmonizes with himself in a fantastic, hauntingly gorgeous way on the recorded version. This live one doesn’t QUITE do the version to which I was introduced justice. But seriously. This is ill shit. 🙂


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