The Grand Letdown (By You)

You’d think if I were going to cry about my declining viewership, I’d be more mindful of writing the blog, eh? Nope. Turns out for all the blogs I mentally compose throughout my day, I write about 1/3. Of one. If it makes you guys feel any better, that’s the same story as my handwritten journaling. Though, to be fair, when I do write in there after a long pause, it’s pages long.

The grandest thing I’ve wanted to blog about lately (aside from Ezra, because who can ever really get enough of the prince-child-god?): As I was driving up Laurel to Mission the other day – another of those perpetually under construction streets this fall – I basically started tearing up. One of the construction workers – wearing an authentic cowboy hat, I shouldn’t have to tell you that he was clearly a native of Mexico – was escorting an older woman in an arm brace around the work to where the sidewalk began again. He was holding. Her hand. Leading her. Around rubble. He’d put down his shovel to do this. And made everyone in view smile in the process. It was lovely. And lately I’d have an overwhelming feeling of despair when I think about how the world thinks. It was so nice to have a completely different overwhelming feeling and know that one person was responsible for making that many people happy. He then jogged back to his place and recommenced work.

My son just asked me, “when is everybody gonna die?” … Apparently, at preschool last week, it came up somehow and he tried to assure a girl that only bad guys dies (a la children’s shows) and she in turn rebutted that everything dies. And that he too will die. And reduced the class to tears. Good going, merry sunshine. Every day since it has come up. The only love he’s lost to date has been Angel, the boxer. And even though that was sad enough, I’m glad that is it.

In other non-death related news, Josh and I both submitted Fulbrights this month. He’s applying as a formal enrollment candidate to McGill University in Montreal; I’m applying as a Creative Writing applicant (to Montreal, as well). We’re both in love with our apps and in awe of the letters written on our behalves. Should that have been behalfs? Hahaha. Halves. Good times.

And now pictures from today’s visit to the Tidepools!


13 thoughts on “The Grand Letdown (By You)

  1. Ah, 4 is much too young to be confronted with your own mortality! Poor Ezzie. Well, ya gotta grow up sometimes. *whistles cheerfully*
    Re: Fulbright scholarships – Good luck!


  2. Excuse me, but quitchabitchin’. Your readership, I’ll have you know dear lady, has just increased by one–yours truly! Pffft. 🙂

    Also: Ezra is a-dorable!

    And Bethany, I’m so glad you’ve resubmitted the Fulbright app this year. I’ll cross my fingers and be sending some good juju your way–I hope it goes well. 🙂 Keep the updates comin’.


  3. Yes, yes, Maria (that is your name, no?) – You have returned! Ezra is adorable (stunning, really) and I have resubmitted – though this application is completely different. And lovely. Let’s have a long conversation about it because I’d like that. Elsewhere, though. 😀


  4. Not to sound self-important or delusional… but if you’d like my giant and oft-times sadistic readership NOT to have such information, we can now edit your comment. At the very least changing your email information to that of a college arch nemesis. Or former boyfriend.


  5. Haaaahahahahaha. That sounds great.

    Your arch nemesis/former boyfriend, or mine?

    Hopefully all my stalkers would email the latter with lascivious, well-outlined plans to wrest away my maidenhead… er… my hypothetical maidenhead.


  6. If you ever visit the Morrows, and they say, “Let’s go see the tidepools” and they ask, “Do you want to walk on the beach or go through the trailer park?”, just realize they are setting you up. JUST SAY “NO!”


  7. The point is, you did it. I have another mother – who shall remain nameless – who would not even have attempted it. And talked about why not for the entire time we were taking the long way.


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