The Lovely Ambiante

We’re back online, people! *uproarous applause* Back… on World of Warcraft, that is. 🙂 And since only one account is operative – the one required for a class – I had to make a new girl. Here she is. 🙂

So, my first hunter! It’s no lvl 70 Fury Warrior… but alas. I’ll have to wait. If your names are Jennifer and Andy and you no longer play WoW,… you don’t get to feed my saber.


2 thoughts on “The Lovely Ambiante

  1. Hahaha.
    (1) Joshua had to reactivate his account – which he suspended LAST DECEMBER – for his American Studies senior seminar this quarter: it’s about cyber realities or something awesome that results in the playing of WoW.
    (2) I have my own account, therefore my characters are not involved in this reunion. Ie. The creating of Ambiante.
    (3) I thought about it so many times, I just never committed! ARGH!


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