So Come And Have A Ball: Now More Picturey!

First of all, I’ve been procrastinating on blogging… and then Paul Newman died. So now I have to write about how sad I am. If I get older, it means people who were staples of my cultural upbringing have to get older, too. I’m not ready. This is my parents fault for making us love entertainment of past generations. Like having tapes of Abbot and Costello or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Believing these people are still around (with the exception of Jerry) until you get old enough for your parents to destroy you with the  truth. Thanks for making me fall in love with Howard Keel, believing I could really marry him when I got old enough! THANKS!

But I digress. Paul Newman. Was the most beautiful man. Ridiculous. I cry.

I guess I should say what’s up since I’m here. Things in my life:

1) Ezra in preschool. Four days deep. It’s real, yo.

2) Recent Ezra-isms: (when he gets hurt) “I hurt my beautiful skin…”, (talking to me) Mommy, I still love you. (Brows always furrowed, do I even have to say anymore?)

3) Josh started senior year with French class yesterday. At the same time, I was supposed to be getting evaled for my Fulbright application… pretty much crumpled. Thanks God for making female friends sync up with each other when they live together. Thanks. Twice in one month? Yes. Yes it would.

4) MacDowell application sent off. Two days later, got an email wanting to see more of my work. Sweet. Hoping for that three week respite, if only to further intice the people I’m already working with. Oh and to spend three weeks in my own cabin with only my work – which application steals from me. Which reminds me I didn’t mention the Salon I was taken to at which I was introduced like a debutante to a houseful of professionals. Charming. No, not me. Well, yes, me.

5) Dolphins. Yesterday, at the surf museum… well. In the water past the surf museum. Didn’t turn it to video because I’m dumb, so only have pictures of dorsal fins. Shweet. I’ll try and remember to put one such unimpressive picture up.* After I kiss Paul Newman’s picture.

*Promise kept below:

6 thoughts on “So Come And Have A Ball: Now More Picturey!

  1. 1.The dolphins were cool. I’ve never seen them in the bay before.

    2.Ezra is growing up now. I know its only preschool but it seems like tomorrow he’ll be going off to college. So sad.

    3.Paul Newman salad dressing will never taste the same.


  2. When I told Andy that Paul Newman was dead he said, “The guy that makes the salad dressing?” *sucks teeth* Our children won’t make that same mistake.
    Yeah, I gasped when I read the news. All I could think was: “But he was so … yummy!”
    Lovin’ the dolphin pics!


  3. Apparently.
    Hmmm. So many things to respond to.
    a) I can’t wait for Zain-isms! Although he sort of does already..they just all involve pointing at things and grunting.
    c) Good luck with the applications!
    r) I don’t speak French.


  4. Muchos thanksos. I’ll let you guys know when I hear back from MacD and whether or not I crumble again during the eval. But I have found my book and cahier d’activite ecrits et orales so I should be less cry-y.


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