The Only American National Anthem

All complaining aside, some things just make you smile to be an American. This is one of them.


8 thoughts on “The Only American National Anthem

  1. I think it is pertinent to say that the best national anthem ever sung, as presented here, is done so by a black man. A man that lived and sung this song during a troubling racial period of our nations history. When people embrace their country despite its shortcomings brotherhood can be gained. This is an example of a common ground that people can come together on, much like what was witnessed after 9/11. This is the sentiment that has continued to grow in America and continues to chip away at racism.

    More than songs need to be sung but it sets the moods for change to happen. Props to Bethany for spreading the love and patriotism.
    [drops mic and leaves the stage]


  2. You funny, funny man. If you’d just said it was sung by a Black man and left that door open, I woulda totally disagreed. We should stop reducing it to race. But after your explanation, I completely agree. Kissy kissums.


  3. I’ve met a lot of people from other countries that think it’s strange and even a little disrespectful that everyone who sings the national anthem does so in their own creative way. I think it’s one of the most beautiful and moving things about it.


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