Lemme Splain Somesing

Okay, I refuse to give the reasoning for this blog because I’d hate to bring more attention to others. Attention mine. Anyway, can I just explain something. The term narrow-minded and the term homophobic are like the most overused and ridiculous words ever. Here’s why: there are millions of people who believe that homosexuality is wrong. It doesn’t make them afraid of it. I think murder is wrong. I’m not a murderophobe. I’m sure that it’s totally popular in our current culture to disregard those beliefs as just being assumed wrong. But that’s kind of narrow-minded, wouldn’t you say? Me disagreeing with you can’t automatically make me narrow-minded unless we’re supposed to assume that you’re right. Which means you think it’s cool for you to express your beliefs but not vice versa. Is this too elementary for people to understand? How come celebrities apologize when they say something other people don’t like? That makes all of no sense to me. I understand that you don’t wanna alienate people but if not alienating means basically lying about your convictions… you’re lame. If I say I disagree with someone and other people get mad, first I’d wonder why they were offended by my beliefs… my head hurts. Too much stupid.


6 thoughts on “Lemme Splain Somesing

  1. I think there’s an easy difference between murder and homosexuality though: murder causes direct physical harm to someone. So the analogy seems flawed in that aspect.

    Aren’t phobias usually considered “irrational” or “unreasonable”? Something like that? My guess is that’s where the term homophobia holds its water from (if that makes any sense) – scientifically there is no rational reason to fear a gay person, therefore that fear is a phobia. (Compared to the completely rational fear of a murderer – Just guessing here).

    “But wait!” someone says “I’m not afraid!” There’s the actual issue of contention, and for that we’d have to go a little deeper. I’ve had that discussion with a few folks, and its more than I’d care to go into online.

    I think really basic things that people disagree on often wind up in the magical land of name-calling but that’s just because people don’t know where else to go (fault: their own quite often).

    Discussions with people whose beliefs are directly opposed to ones own are tricky as there is rarely any ground to be gained other than agreeing to disagree. I know they wear me out after a while, but nonetheless, I have them almost every workday ;p. It’s good for building patience and self control, and also forces one to think through their arguments and points much more carefully – everyone’s under a microscope yayyyy!


  2. My point is there isn’t that fear. At least in the cases I’m referring to. There’s no such logic as my disagreeing with you meaning I fear you.

    I knew I could count on a thought out reply from ONE reader. Namely Andy.

    The rest of you are discussionophobes.


  3. I’m a blackaphobe. You people scare me.
    Gay men only scare me when they won’t take no for an answer and they follow me around the gym after I’ve explained to them I’m married and straight. Only to see them masterbate while I’m showering. Then they follow me home and leave elicit notes on my car windshield. Now that’s scary.


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