Good Enough For My Mom & Dad

They haven’t destroyed me to the degree they did last year… but let me express un peu de confusion. With Project Runway. Oh, did I forget to mention what I’m refering to? So, it’s not that I didn’t like Terri (s/p, what.ever.)’s design. It was definitely not the right choice of material, as far as the skirt. I did love the new shrug/neckline. And maybe her partnering with Keith was an automatic not-cute because a) I don’t really like him and b) her behavior in partnering competitions makes me not like her (in those moments). And okay, her make-up during the little testimonial section was…..ridiculous. I mean, for serious, let us no longer slather melted chocolate on our faces for cover-up. I feel that Queen Latifah has more than broaded the make-up horizon through her partnership with … whomever it is she partners with. Now, I don’t really wear make-up, especially not something like powder or whathaveyou… but I also use chocolate for food not fun.

Wait, the point was that I can’t believe they would auf HER and still have SUEDE and JOE. I mean, for serial? There’s no way that Terri shouldn’t have been at Bryant Park. Le sigh.

I realize I kinda got off-topic with the criticism, but you know, I’m all about balance. With this hand, I tell you about yourself… with the other, … I wipe your tears. You could compare me to Jesus.

PS The Corn Refiners Association is tres drole for their new high fructose corn syrup commercials in which someone tries to tell someone else the ills of hfcs and somehow loses his/her tongue because apparently simply saying “it’s bad for you” was too overwhelming. But, dude, it’s okay in moderation. Just like…drinking urine.

3 thoughts on “Good Enough For My Mom & Dad

  1. I had no idea what you were talking about but apparently it’s on everyone’s mind because Meg posted the commercial on her blog. It was HILARITY. I mean, who the fuck would watch that and think, “Riiiight!”


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