The Height of Just Too Muchery!

Although I’ve been here for virtually every day of it, sometimes saying that my son is four years old kinda blows my mind. Today, in Safeway, this little old lady came up and grabbed him – he was in the basket – and started telling him how he was the most attractive child she’s ever seen. Then she went on to say how her daughter won’t give her grandchildren – which is sad because she’s pretty old and she probably has few people in her life… if her hands-on approach is any indication. Then when we were in line, she came back and started telling him how she’s a little old lady and that’s why she’s so taken with him, to which he said, he wasn’t old. He’s young. “You’re not young,” he added, presumably to put the final nail in the coffin… she rubbed his arm some more and said she was sorry if she seemed weird for being so taken with him, hahaha. It’s all part of being his mother. 😉 Ha-HA!

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