Slow Down, Mace, You’re Killin’ Em.

We are home, here in Santa Cruz, trying to get reacclimated – which apparently isn’t a word. It’d be one thing if we were just moving back, as is, but we have a splendiferous house “guest” (who hasn’t been a guest since we were fourteen) for whom we must reorganize Ezzie’s room. Plus, we’re all still in progress about one project or the other and these couple of days (ie yesterday and today) that I know we need to settle still seem like lost time… le sigh. We took a nice long hike around campus though yesterday, which was nice.

So basically we’re home but it hasn’t sunk in yet.

Other than that, … well, it’s all about my work so I’ve nothing to comment, I guess. Seeing as talking about my work here still seems pointless. Like, who are you people?!? Haha. Seriously.

Right. Well. I guess I need to go make a to-do list so we can kick back into overdrive this week. Ezra starts preschool on the 15th of September!!! WAAAAAAA! It’s not like it’s more than three hours but dang. Whose idea is it to be away from their children for three hours a day?!? Lame.

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