Videos Will Stave Off Boredom!

First, let me say that Ezra was ill last night. 😦 My poor baby. But these videos remind me of happier,… stranger times. The first one is Ezra illustrating that dancing? Well, it’s serious business. It. Might not even be fun. Keep in mind, this is probably the first time he’s even heard this song (I censor his media intake, duh). He’s just got an emotional line.

And this one… is him getting a rap on with the television set.


3 thoughts on “Videos Will Stave Off Boredom!

  1. LOL is he wrapping “No, it’s okay”?

    Anyway, sorry this is unrelated, but have you heard from the James Jones First Novel people yet? I sent them an email a week ago asking if there were any updates, but I haven’t gotten a reply. Back in May/June, I got same-day responses…

    Just curious, thanks!


  2. The other day I got a same-day response that said they’re not gonna have the page updated until they have all finalists selected, which they estimated to be around Labor Day. No problem!


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