It’s 2:57 AM. That’s why.

I’ve finally found the drawback to being an entrepreneur or having great liberty (ie spatially and structurally) in one’s career… no work husband. Real husband and work husband aren’t supposed to be the same husband!! I’ll eventually have to hire someone for that. But then you’re the person’s boss and work husbandry can’t involve subordinates! Le sigh. I’ll figure it out.

Jennifer, are you watching Gaffigan on My Boys?

That’s right. I’m directly asking my sister a question on my blog. That’s because she doesn’t return my calls and I decided to call her out. BAM! Speaking of my sister, I was thinking about all the reasons my family was special when I was young. The top reason? Because we are attracted to quoting the least quotable and most arbitrary of movie/television quotes. That is our talent and we are brave in its endeavor. Whole scenes, people. No one-liners for us. Want proof? Jennifer (if she values her life) will follow with her part:

“Why you tippin’ in here?”


7 thoughts on “It’s 2:57 AM. That’s why.

  1. I do not hear my cell phone when it rings! And it takes a lot out of me lately to talk for extended periods of time on the phone. Oh and I haven’t been checking emails or blogs lately. So basically I’m 90 now.


  2. (I think it’s: it wasn’t that kind of night…) )
    Oo, sistah child, you need to stop kidding yo self. Now you know white folks gone treat you like part of the family so they can work ya hours and not pay ya for ya time.

    Corrina. You workin’ too hard to be givin’ it away for free.


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