Do you know what today is?

It’s our anniversary.

And I’m not gonna be visiting Josh at work because why? Oh yeah, ovulation migraines on the horizon. Suck on that a one time.

So before I’m completely lay-flat-bed-ridden… Ezra has swum without floaties! It’s ridiculous! And I know the series of aids he’s been using since last summer were alleged to be able to be systematically reduced until they were swimming without any but who believes that? Well, then we took off his floaties and he took off! Crazy!! He’s still young enough that I love the sound of food smacking around in his little mouth but he can swim on his own?!?

Now you may be asking what that picture has to do with the story… Well….I’m on my work computer and don’t have access to the relevant ones so take that as a placeholder. And mind your own business!

So, the Winter/Spring residency deadline for MacDowell is this fall. Anyone else working on a lovely application? This fall is also the deadline for Bakeless and of course Fulbright. It’s so funny. This – though it makes complete sense with one whose resume (academic thus far) has been of importance – is an entirely new development for me. Prior to now I only wrote. But fun, nonetheless. Eh, le capitaine de l’espace outre? My plate = CVs, affiliation searches, proposal writing, project descriptions, trying not to return to my work just yet. Oh and that whole everyday life thing with my son and husband. Oh and my lovingly accommodating job.

Finally, the disparity between who I am as a person and the content on my blog is alarming. Look at the size of the “writing/editing” tag off to your right. Crazy. Although the size of the “Child-God” one is quite accurate.

EDIT: How is this possible?!? The “soundtrack” of freakin’ Kidz Bop commercial used to send me into homicidal rages!!! Until I stood out of sight and saw my son trying to quickly do the dance, lyrics to each song snippet before it moved on to the next one and SUDDENLY IT’S THE CUTEST-BAGOOTEST THING EVER AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT COME BACK ON. *slaps self*


3 thoughts on “Do you know what today is?

  1. The weird thing is I don’t see a sidebar for tags on you blog…huh? Just a small, non-font-size-adjusted list of categories.

    Happy Anniversary & good luck with all that jazz.


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