I’m here, I’m here. Settle down.

And I refused to get upset with the AT&T customer service phone-jockey. Because Jesus, that’s why. I just know I’ve disappointed my family and friends. In fact, I felt that had any of them been beside me they would have been excitedly anticipating the moment where I put the verbal smackdown on the guy. Increasingly more amped, they would have whispered, “here it comes, *giggle*, here it comes” and then dropped their shoulders in disappointment and confusion as my voice suddenly lost all aggression and I switched subjects. Even the guy on the phone seemed confused. I. Refuse. To argue with a stranger today. Sorry. Even though a feature I put on when I first ordered the phones was mysteriously taken off back in February and I’ve been paying by the text until I realized. Then, when he reverses the charges, which somehow don’t cover this month’s bill and are suddenly just $30 here and there? Not how I remember it… ANYWAY, when he reverses the charges, he starts out by telling me how I never had that feature but no biggie, here’s the favor he did for me and I was all, “mmmm, no mon frere, we don’t play that game”…. and that abruptly stopped and was like, “but you reversed it so the rest is moot at this point” and he got all silent ’cause he’d apparently been ready to puff out his chest and get the fight on. Why? I no know. I don’t know the guy. Ask him.

Anyway, other than that, I’ve just been working on me and Josh’s Fulbright apps for this year, his McGill app to go with, throwing my son’s Rock Out 4th B’day Party (this weekend) and living in a strange situation that puts Josh at my Dad’s house and Ezra and I all over the road… but mostly at Auntie’s. *Whew* But I’m getting stuff and junk done so. I feel like I should take pictures of the freakin’ awesome stuff I’ve been able to get for Ezzie’s big shindig but… you’ll no doubt see a buttload of pictures after this weekend. BUT I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THE FREAKIN’ GUITAR PINATA I FOUND! It’s sweet, I’m not gonna lie. (And apparently, the dumbest dogs ever don’t think people are allowed to walk on the sidewalk in front of the house. Idiots.)

Sooo… now I’m off. To. Do. Stuff. (Too much to list, sorry, mes amis.) But here’s what the backstage passes will look like. Well. Ezzie’s, anyway.

3 thoughts on “I’m here, I’m here. Settle down.

  1. *SLOW CLAP*
    I’m proud of you sweets. You’re a strong one you are. Made of steel you are.
    Why am I writing like Yoda?
    Anywho Boowinkle…I totally want to be a rock star! I wish I could make it to Ezzie’s party. You know I’ll be there in spirit though. Like Jerry Garcia’s fat ass ghost. Yeeeeah.
    And guess what? WE GOT THE HOUSE! WOO-HOO!


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