UPDATE:Words Like Violence

I know you’re all expecting another pissy post, and rightly so since I’m still in Santa Cruz (hans) solo. And yet. Today just wanted to be the most beautiful Sunday ever. Verily I say unto thee. It has been magicalness.

So I seem to have this thing about reluctantly (crouched at the starting line…sorry) traveling sans ma famille. And at some point in the unhappiness I have this wonderfully quiet day where I speak only into the telephone with Josh and not to anyone else. Mmm silence. We (silence and I) took a lovely long relax in bed this morning, working (for work) and writing (for me… and someday, work) and listening to musica. Insert the part where I thought my phone was working and apparently it wasn’t so that’s why I had no ringage this morning! But I didn’t know this until about an hour later. At about two pm, I remembered that if Josh were there he’d be telling me to eat something and decided, since Josh wasn’t there, to wear the dress that Josh bought me last week. (I tried to find the likeness on the JCrew website but can’t. Suffice it to say, it’s a strapless – surprise, I know! I never wear strapless. – bright green dress that can be worn three ways. This last little fact has been his obsession since he first saw the dress in Portland.) But this brings up another little quirk of his. The whole dressing me like a “native girl” thing. He’d never said it before and I was presuming to tell someone this had to in fact be his mindset because it was getting a little ridiculous. Just as I’m telling her my summation, he walks in and starts cooing about how I look like I’m from some small town in Brazil or some such nonsense. Case closed. Mystery solved.

Anyway, I did wear it today (to try it out before being around him in it and defiantly saying it’s not the bestest dress ever). And I love it. It moves so much. I felt so delightful. That and I love when other people (you know, people who don’t love you so you can trust their anonymous opinions?!) make you feel beautiful. It’s just the way they look at you. So I was being fabulous driving from lunch with the top down and with my recovered sunglasses (shout-out to Sabieng Thai Cuisine for keeping my oversized sunglasses in their lost and found for TWO. WEEKS. while I cried my eyes out trying to remember where I’d last worn them!) and my senior year anthem-album, Blue by Third Eye Blind. It was so (citrusy, dude, you’ll freak…..sorry again) California.

So when I got back to campus, I didn’t feel like wasting my lovely dress and writing material inside my house so I walked over to College Eight and settled on the top of a picnic table to write and listen to my loverly I-hate-Mac shuffle. 🙂 Breeze, perfect. Sunshine, perfect. Ensemble, perfect.

Mmm, silence.

UPDATE: I changed my mind, Josh. Here’s the picture. I call it: “All alone in Brazil. Wait, I mean Santa Cruz.”

5 thoughts on “UPDATE:Words Like Violence

  1. Just because bright colors look great against your skin and Brazil’s culture is very vibrantly colored doesn’t mean that I’m trying to or dress you up like a native girl. Correlations don’t prove causation nor motivation. You should post the pics you took of yourself and it’ll prove my point.You look smashing.

    And it is ever so hurtful that you would were that dress for the first time without me. Just wait till I get some cool new clothes. You’ll see.


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