The Celtics Justify My Love

I’m so tired of headaches/migraines. For real, for real. Oh and the title shall be the only reference to tonight’s game.

So, Ezra tells us tonight that he’s going to be a farmer when he grows up. Because he wants to have cows. It’s in the blood that deep, huh? Well, at some point Pop-pop will have to sit him down and tell him the detailed account of growing up on a dairy farm. But honestly, I don’t think people should present their experience as evidence that you won’t like it – or that it’ll be like that for you in the first place. But would I prefer Ezra continue his wildlife/foreign language interest and not move “back” to the family stead in Wisconsin?  Yes. Yes, I would.

What else? Tomorrow I move Josh back up to Sacramento for his summer internship/course… and then go back and forth myself like gas isn’t $4.49 here. Because it totally makes sense to do so to go physically in to work like three hours a week. But the alternative is to live separately for the summer. Yeah. Meanwhile, doing a bunch of paperwork to prepare for September deadlines. Tra-la-la-la-la.

Other than that, Ezra is just continuing to grow into the absolute sweetest thing ever. Almost anything I say to him lovingly, he alters appropriately and says back to me. Before he went to bed, I whispered in his ear that I’m so happy to be his mommy. He responded, “I’m so happy to be your son!” He also does the “awww” a lot when I say something loving to him. The cognitive development is sometimes ridiculous, awe-inspiring to say the least.


6 thoughts on “The Celtics Justify My Love

  1. heard something about that game on the radio this morning…set some records for biggest 1st quarter lead & biggest come back or something?

    yeah. kids are cute. zain still enjoys smacking me in the face and clawing at my eyes way too much though.


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