Please Fire Erin Clark.

Morals and ethics and carnal forbearance. – Marge Simpson (sung)

Freakin’ hilarious. Best opening lyric to a song EVER.  But you know what’s even better? Ezra’s one painted fingernail. Painted at his behest, bien sur, when he saw me painting my toes. So I painted his pointer on his right hand a beautiful bright red. He’s completely forgotten about it but I’ve been watching the one red nail all day. So far it’s helped elephants leap over dinosaurs, stood out beautifully as Ezzie gingerly picked up a napkin and is presently getting greasy with taco juice. Delightful.

What. Else.
My family now has our own friend site. It’s hilarious. My dad is obsessed with his background.

Gawd, this summer is going to be (already is) busy!


5 thoughts on “Please Fire Erin Clark.

  1. Speaking of ethics…I’m sorry I can’t get this out of mind.
    The NBA ref who is going down for gambling and cheating just named series and games in which the out come was fixed.
    #1 was 2002 western conf. finals game 6 kings vs lakers. At the time, Ralph-freakin-Nader filed a consumer led grievance because even he could tell the game was fixed. Ralph-freakin-Nader people. He is no NBA guru. I can remember it clear as day. I almost cried, but was definitely depressed for a week. I’m pissed off all over again.

    And yes Ezra is adorable. He has that skater/emo/hip-hop style down pat at 3 yrs old. Amazing.


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