Two Short Thoughts

To celebrate the first birthday of my son, Zephyr Zain, I’m eating Cream Cheese cake frosting slathered on strawberries. … Yeah. It’s good tidings.

Other than that… I’m not working. Even though I have a project that needs to be done. It’s because I am my own woman. I make my own decisions! NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! … Man, I hope I don’t get fired.


5 thoughts on “Two Short Thoughts

  1. If this were a paper, I’d circle all your errors in red pen and return it to you. Which is what I used to do when I received letters.

    Funny, that’s the movie I think of when I eat white frosting.

    Also funny. You just said I need a drill sergeant to whip me into shape. Because I’m fat. And why would I need one for procrastination if my work is so good. HMM?!? YEAH, JOSH. Explain THAT!


  2. And to answer your question, JOANNA, they thank me for taking the time to better them!!!! They are eternally grateful for the chance to improve themselves, OF COURSE!!


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