Skulls and Scales

Today, we decided to get out of the house. It started with lunch (pizza pizza) and the park. It was lovely, watching Ezra run and play to the soundtrack of my iPod… watching Joshua keep a protective perimeter around Ezzie to the tune to which I’d walked down the aisle… noticing in my peripheral the detective in the bullet-proof vest, his badge dangling from a chain “necklace”, speak into his walkie-talkie. … Noticing the patrol officer join him, after which they had a short chat, watching the men on the basketball court and the benches nearby before beginning to go. through. the trashcans. Making several trips around the grassy area on which I’d been lounging and writing… speaking to men on the benches… circling the playground. … Being joined by another officer in a civilian vehicle… Yeeeeeah. So then we left.

But twas not the end of our adventures! We shall not be moved! We decided – since Ezra has been quite insistent about his Rock Out Party (for his 4th birthday, come July) – to look at instruments. We went to Sylvan Music on Mission and Bay (from which I used to rent clarinets when I was an undergrad) and perused the millions of beautiful guitars. Because what does Ezzie want for his rock out party? A guitar of course. And a red one, at that. Guess what? We’re getting him a red guitar that’s just his size and yes, it’s real. Doy. He will, however, be using a blow-up instrument like everyone else at his party. Try explaining to his cousin that the real guitar is only for Ezra. And that it costs more than the blow-ups with which they may beat each other’s heads. Right. So, it’ll be on display (maybe) but that’s it. Anyway, we will be buying it next month and then… I dunno, trying to keep it away from Ezra for the next month? We … didn’t really think this through. 🙂


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