Can You. Feel A. Brand New Dayyyyy!

Oh, the antics they think up for those tweeny Disney channel shows. Lost chickies, suspiciously energetic laughter/clapping and a semi-retarded brother character in his early twenties are the background for a group of tech-wise pre-teens getting spastic over a strangely elaborate science project. *wipes tear* Good times. Good homicide-encouraging times.

Anyway, I have been muchos preoccupied for like two weeks now. The highlight of which was  when we spotted the naked jugglers. Yeah. Other than that, we had unexpectedly strenuous hikes about campus for two days straight. Didn’t quite realize how much we were doing until we sat down. Oh, then at Sentinel Rock we watched a whale migrating and successfully got nothing on tape. Probably because of the kids sitting behind us. Literally about five paces. They decided to straddle each other and that includes him putting his hands down southerly regionation. You heard me. Though you may not have understood me. Anyway, at some point after dry-humping, throwing beer bottles at the side of the rock – you know, so that while walking barefoot along the beautiful scenery, you can get a piece of some doucheface’s beer bottle in your foot! – the two bedbuddies stole into the secrecy of that caves that line the cliff. The ones we’ve been in. That smell like algae piss. And in the secret oasis – where truckloads of dead seaweed and algae complete with hovering gnats had been vomited up by the high tide – they did romp like the hideous beasts they were. Thankfully, though they came back around the bend ever so discreetly – by which I mean, like two strangers who’d exchanged money for their “good time” absent of affection or hand-holding – our fears were quickly confirmed by the red, rashy looking discoloration on the female’s butt, as well as by the bluish bruising on her thighs. Le sigh. Love.

Aaaand I love my sundresses. Moreso, I love my wardrobe not looking like every other young adult girl. I don’t even wanna get into it. Clones are just so boring. Down with Roxie’s a good start.

Other than that, I’m working up a storm – at work and on my work. Now to wait for summer and her possibilities to reveal herself. 🙂 Sidenote: I read a version of the first book I finished (and kept) and it totally took me back. Reminded me of my sistah, JenJen. 🙂 We should curl up with some beloved young adult fiction next time we’re together.

Josh has just admitted his feet are R.I.P.E. Thank God for small miracles.

A little while ago I made a category called, Why, Santa Cruz? As in questioning the city herself. As it happens, the coma separated it. I think it still works though. Why as one, Santa Cruz? as the other. Thank You.


6 thoughts on “Can You. Feel A. Brand New Dayyyyy!

  1. 1. Canned laughter is so all us dullards know when to laugh. Even if it isn’t funny.[hahahaha]. And Disney is the most liberal with it. [hahahaahaha] Suite Life of Zach and Cody is the worst. [hahahahahaha] They’re trying to brainwash a generation of children I tell you. [hahahahha] Micky Mouse will rule the world one day with an iron fist. [hahahahah]

    2. What I kept thinking to myself was why the guy chose the ugly white girl when the other chick was way more attractive. She was still white but had a tan and was less “wet dog” looking. And you forgot to say that when they came back from their romp the drunk girl yelled at us “He’s so ****ing cute!” then covered her mouth. Thanks for introducing new vocab to my 3 yr old!
    I can see it now. “Mommy, I don’t want to go to bed. I’m too ****ing cute!” [hahahahah]


  2. DAG, I totally forgot to mention how she used an expletive IN FRONT OF MY CHILD to describe the beauty of my toddler. And that I hella cocked my head at her – which she probably took as flirtation – and gave her that special stare that says, “…Kindly Die”.
    You, my love, are hilarity in a laptop.


  3. You guys have all the fun.
    Naked juggles and cave-sexers!?
    Where has my youth gone, alas my youth…shall I find the amongst drunken beach juggling naked sexers?

    No, that’s not what I was looking for. My youth has much fewer STDs.

    Wait, so this guy actually had a choice of two girls and he didn’t take them BOTH?

    BTW, does whale watching make people horny, or is this some weird new code?


  4. I don’t think the whorebags saw the whale. It took some intent watching and waiting and general observation that would’ve required them to stop sticking their fingers in each other.

    Yeah, that guy actually laid on top of the second girl when the first girl (read: pale skanky trashface) inexplicably returned solo to the caves (read: drugs).


  5. I thought nothing could be funnier than this post. Then I read Josh’s response. Tell him to stoooooooop. And push his shoulder while you say it (sing-song like). Then he can do the same to you. Because ya’ll are funny kids.

    This makes me wish I had crazy freaks to blog about. *Andy and I sigh together*


  6. I was about to respond and then I saw Christopher Meloni’s chiseled face against a dark blue shirt. Totally forgot what I was gonna say. Mm. Mm-mm-mm.



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