Yes. They. Did.

I want you guys to understand how irritating having my comments go directly to spam has become. I literally haven’t felt like visiting the site let alone blogging because the constant conversational element (mostly with regard to Andy, let’s be real) was ruined. But something happened today. And. It has pressed me on. (Warning: I won’t be blogging about everything tonight because this just took the cake.)

So, I’m here chillin’ in the S to the C (this is how my friends and I talk when we’re around each other and we think it’s actually quite convincing) and we went down W. Cliff today to climb down my favorite spot. For the first time, I inexplicably walked around to the side I never go down to look in the cove. To find two men. Naked. JUGGLING. *drops microphone, exits stage left*


8 thoughts on “Yes. They. Did.

  1. Dude, I didn’t even give them the satisfaction of seeing that I recognized they were naked. I was like, “why are they down there wearing nothing but speedos wait there’s no speedo that’s a teabag”. And then I walked away, nonplussed. To go tell everyone who had children with them. Gooood times.


  2. There needs to be a bicyle cop that patrols up and down west cliff to arrest pervs like that. I think I have seen some around the light house, but they need to go all the way up and down the street.

    The other alternative is to let me drive around with a BB gun. They would think twice before they did it again after a good shot in the ass.


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