Oh, Bama.

So, assuming tonight meant anything and it’s really over and Hillary’s won (or does it really matter what network you’re watching as I’m starting to believe), I think the irony is/would be delicious. An “unabashed” Christian who refuses to make a declarative statement about his beliefs in regard to politics (ie saying you won’t “impose” your beliefs is incongruous with the job description of the presidency) loses popularity due to … religion. Or his controversial pastor. I don’t even wanna get into my thoughts on that guy because then I’d have to restate the definition of Christianity again and how it doesn’t change – nor do I “denounce” it – just because of crazy individuals. You can’t water it down to be politically viable. Or you can and still (potentially) lose even when your opponent is increasingly unpopular. *insert The More You Know music* And seriously, even if he takes it, I still mean every word. His candidacy was still damaged by the very idea (to generalize it to religious belief) he tried to side-step.

In other news: I hate (and I wish I didn’t have to use so strong a word) hate the anchors on KSBW. For. Real.

But seriously, I hope for Chelsea’s sake – and because of historical value – that Hillary does win overall. To have both your parents be president of the United States… that’d be so freakin’ awesome. That would probably be more interesting than the actual politics.

UPDATE: Honestly, I don’t wanna hear anything else from anyone unless it’s how they realize that rising fuel prices are inflating the prices of everything else and they will stop talking about other crap and fix that for us so we can care about anything else! That’s just me.


6 thoughts on “Oh, Bama.

  1. Every year the Dems eat each other alive and the republicans step over their corpses to victory.

    We need a viable third option party that has conservative values like the republicans but pushes for liberal social programs like the democrats…..



  2. I don’t understand why (right now on Hannity etc) they’re scratching their heads over how upper-class white dems want Obama and working-class white dems want Hillary. It says a lot about the obvious stratification of isms. As in racism trumps feminism. If you think I’m being inflammatory, I’m speaking in subconscious socialization, not necessarily overt discrimination or prejudice. Why would working-class white dems favor a white constituent despite her gender? The same reason the die-hard racists are the hillbilliest White folk in America. Because I’ll be danged if I’m at the bottom and my self-esteem needs you to be the “n” word. That censorship was for you, Jen. 🙂 Kissy-kissums.


  3. That stat says alot about the power of education to combat racism. That’s if you assume that upper-class white people are educated.

    I’m an upper-class white person in a low-income body.


  4. Well, he does keep trying to bring the conversation back around to the issues…for some reason people keep wanting to talk about angry black preachers. /sigh

    Also, what station were you watching? I don’t think what happened last night could be called a win for her under any terms – a 2% victory and a 14% loss? She needed much bigger numbers than that. She’s not going to win, but she’s going to keep trying to fuck everything up along the way. /doublesigh

    @commentmachine I made a post a while back about splitting into 4 or 5 parties based on the current apparent divisions. I think it’s a worthwhile option so we could have a coalition/party system like some European countries & Israel.


  5. Yeah, they were also discussing the delegates looking ahead to the general election and not finding Obama as “electable”. Though I think Clinton supporters might still vote for Obama and I don’t see Obama supporters voting for Clinton so…

    he great thing about politics is that either person who’s talking (I don’t know if you watch H&C) can argue as though what they’re saying is not only true but the only logical explanation. Then the next guy comes along arguing the exact opposite with the same conviction. Are there facts in politics?


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