The Good Day Diary

My body’s a wonderland, y’all. Trying to figure out why it wants to be all headachey and stuffy-headed today. Really irritating. I hate my head today. Can’t really ignore head pain.

Anywho, yesterday (and the day before) was fantabulous. And I have zero pictures. First, I’ll summarize the day before: since I recently got my camcorder plug back from the French house after leaving it there last November, I decided to follow my growing child around with it. We went to Natural Bridges and put Ezzie in his little wetsuit. So that Josh and I could get more wet than him. But it was muchos fun and once people realized that it was indeed painfully cold in the water (note: don’t get in the water in this part of CA unless temperatures have reached 100+ degrees), they settled back to watch Ezra play. By the end, Josh and I were just trying to get him fully wet so my video starts to raise little CPS flags.

Yesterday, Ezra and I started out at home alone but Josh left work (at Natural Bridges, remember) to come pick us up. This day, the beach once again looked like a termite mound so we stayed up near the store and had lunch while he finished working. Then we went on a little walk past the butterfly boardwalk and enjoyed the cool air from the ocean without a single other person around. Glory. After which, just to see what everyone was doing, we went down to the beach and Ezra got caught up chasing bubbles that some nice little boy was blowing. Which attracted an audience. So we had to sit there while Ezra did it about half a dozen times. Eventually, we left the beach/park and drove along W. Cliff until we found a parking spot and got out to look out over the cliff. There was another family with a little girl Ezzie’s age on a bike with training wheels. They stopped a little beyond where we were standing and Ezra ran over and said hi. Which started a forty-five minute play date with the most delicious little girl ever. I say this and she was blond. So you know she was freakin’ gorgeous for me to find her adorable. Her name was Petra Michelle and she was teaching Ezra a bunch of gymnastics on the rail. It was really fun; her parents were really cool, too. She and Ezra introduced all of us, of course. Anywho, I love running across impromptu play-dates like that. Especially since the children normally around are… how do you say…heathens.

Anyway, most of all, yesterday was a great example of how California has been for me growing up. People are not just nice but welcoming, especially when we’ve gone somewhere with the intent of having fun. Oh, did I mention someone gave Josh a watermelon as we were leaving the beach? Hilarious. We had at least three conversations with strangers and they weren’t like awkward, don’t-know-you conversations. I don’t remember if any other place was expressly different than this, it was just really obvious yesterday. Plus, it was awesome because there were conversations going on in a dozen languages. Yeah, diversity never gets old, either.


4 thoughts on “The Good Day Diary

  1. Yeah, it was pretty funny. It was a Black guy (although the rest of the group was other stuff) and he was giving us a watermelon. Josh felt the need to tell him that although I “hate” watermelon, he loves it. I’m sure it made said melon offer-er question my Blackness.


  2. The key to eating watermelon is to cut off the rine and cut the remainder in smaller pieces. No mess and its just as wonderful.
    Bethany also forgot to mention the behemoth of a women standing in ankle deep creek water. She was a bigun.


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