Conversion Reversion

I’m neurotic. I know this because things bother me that wouldn’t bother other people… and not just bother but make me itch. And there’s not really a logical reason why the difference between tags and categories would elicit that kind of physical reaction. But I’ve got it in my mind that categories make more sense. So I’ve started undoing the recent conversion. It actually won’t take me very long because I can do mindless data entry in one sitting. Just stopped to let you know the good news. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Conversion Reversion

  1. So it sounds like the cat->tag conversion is an actual conversion and not a copy. UGLY! Sorry to hear about that.

    I’m doing a wack-ass mix of both…tags for random little things that don’t belong as actual cats like..say a famous person’s name I might mention once or … I dunno, random little things.


  2. Yeah, I’ll go through later and take out most of the tags. For now, I’m just glad to have my categories back. Last time I let you talk me into one of your crazy schemes.


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