Cheesy Potato Soup for the Collegiate Soul

Another thing that saddens me (since we’re on a super personal roll here): people who talk about how they’ve done nothing with their degrees. No, correction: who see no benefit in them. Which, I’m sure no one would actually say as we head to a recession and have never tried to get a job with a high school education. Josh will tell you that waiting tables was, for him, surprisingly lucrative and unsurprisingly soul-numbing. Anyway, I digress.

A couple things: If I get a degree and then sit it on the table, stay where I am, and don’t change my lifestyle, I could see how I wouldn’t really benefit from having it. I personally got a degree that isn’t so much for my job description – I don’t think artists “need” degrees for that – but it has proven itself to be a part of it. I also wasn’t going to get a degree and then work somewhere that didn’t require it. Also, though to a lesser degree (imho), if I go into college not understanding it’s a life-changing/effecting decision and I arbitrarily decide to be a …. um… I dunno. I can’t think of an academic program I honestly think is laughable. But say, it’s something I’m not actually interested in making a part of my life and am more concerned with getting through it. I guess I could see how that too would be a less than edifying experience and achievement. But any time you know you didn’t try, would suck. Right? If not, please stop reading my blog.

And this is obviously – and yet I have to say it which means GROSS, what kind of bizarro-society are we living in! – directed at people who’ve/who’re going/gone to actual schools. Because this is the part where I tell you what I think the actual and long-lasting and often unacknowledged luxury of college is. And. It only applies to real college. Not the culture of mediocrity so many banner ads encourage. SO: If you have to try and quantify “the point” of it, I vote for Perspective. College is – or at least should be – something you do, not something you learn. (This blog entry may or may not start to fall apart now that Ezra is crawling under the covers trying to get my “tootsies” and asking me to tickle him. Coherence…waning…) And it’s ostensibly something you do – for the “first time” – as the authority on your life. I don’t think it will/should change anyone, but I don’t see how it wouldn’t develop him/her. The way you think, the way you analyze, and yes, the perspective of others. And no, I promise, this is not just the natural progression of maturation from age 18 to age 21. For proof, go back to your high school acquaintances (if you are lucky enough to have some who did absolutely or close to nothing) and observe.

You should know that education is a personal passion of mine so. I can’t even find fault with perpetual students… I guess unless someone else is footing the bill… I only wish I were going to study every discipline that excites me. There wouldn’t be enough days in the years of my life. So I must choose the absolute most necessary one; and back to Sociology I go.

And now, some pictures from my own graduation. Who can find Ezra?!?


4 thoughts on “Cheesy Potato Soup for the Collegiate Soul

  1. I’m having second thoughts about posting pie-faced, hose-beast pictures of myself in the sweltering sun… did I mention I went into heat induced contractions that day? Sweeeet.


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