Beauty. It really is a curse.

So, the Biggest Loser of this year can lose over 110, but I can’t motivate myself to lose 10 lbs. What does that make me, you ask? The Biggest Winner. Of future fatness. It’s almost like… if I could just gain 100 more pounds… I’d be motivated. I don’t feel bad enough about myself. That’s where you guys come in.

Come on.

Hurl the insults.

Be a part of my miraculous transformation.


9 thoughts on “Beauty. It really is a curse.

  1. Uhhh…if I can do it anyone can? 🙂
    I about 15 pounds had to get rid of my sympathy weight!). I was 205, now I’m about 190. I think that took 5 months…so I wasn’t all crazy gung ho.

    So, what’s your game plan? You need a game plan! How about 2 hours of football every night?

    No? Pig wrasslin’?

    OK, seriously, if it helps, all I did was 20-30 mins exercise every night and slight diet changes: cut down on the heavy meat, tried to eat more salads, no more than 1 dessert every other night. Nothing too serious. I’m not doing it anymore (although I just started exercising again) and the weights still gone.


  2. Yeah, here’s the thing. I never had to think bout it. Not even right after I had Ezra. It was post-Wales (ie post-forced-anorexia) + two-years-post-losing-elasticity-due-to-pregnancy. So I’ll start doing something and really lose interest. I’m not one of those people who thinks working out is fun. I think group activities are fun. That and ab workouts. But that’s because abs aren’t a problem area. So that helps not at all. The only thing helping is my appetite seems to naturally have changed. Right when we came back stateside, I wanted everything – now we do mostly light. … This is a long comment.


  3. I was JUST reading about that. And apparently Carnie Wilson couldn’t keep her weight off. *shakes head* Oh, the shame.
    It takes me forever to lose a measly 5 or 10 pounds too. Last night I worked out for the first time in (passage of time unknown, but it’s a while) and sweet Jeebus do my legs and arms and abs (or lack thereof) BURN. But it’s a good burn. I’m going to try to work out every night, or 3 times a week at the least. We’ll see if it makes a dent.


  4. I’ll kick your butt honey. I’ll wake you up military style with horn and whistle at the dark thirty. But I won’t call you insulting names like maggot or nancyboy. I’ll be sarcastic like sugar dumplin or shortcake muffin face. And 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. . .
    Lets see some hustle dorthy!


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