My People Are Sedentary

So, that last one was a pretty popular post. How then did only the regulars comment? *shrug* People are weird.

I fear I have nothing to say. Airplanes and sickle syndrome don’t exactly mix and the last two days (including today, that is) have been popping the supplements we forgot at home and generally not being full of energy. So, I’ve had little to do for work until this coming Saturday and mostly I’ve been eavesdropping on Ezra’s not-yet-internal-monologues all day and marveling at the evolution of his accent. Also wondering whether we’re gonna have to give in to his apparent preference of repeating Chinese over French. Guess he’d have an easier time with the tones now than later, no?

Anywho: I’ve gotta get back to work. For real. Instead, I think I’ll go find my phone. Toodles!


2 thoughts on “My People Are Sedentary

  1. You could just type out Ezzie’s monologues. That would be a whole blog unto itself!

    People are indeed weird, I got 88 views on April 1st and only 9 comments (most from regs of course)…that’s my record thus far I think. I *think* that should be 88 unique views, not counting the multiple comment/views from regulars, but who knows.


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