UPDATE: Fun With Photoshop

Well, now too much time has passed and several blogs have been written about our Vancouver/Portland trip this past weekend. So I’ll talk about what was possibly the most important event. Jennifer and I. Spoofing people who think they’re modeling. We didn’t mean for the pictures to turn out so well. But you can’t really escape transcendent hotness. Anyway, I called this fun with Photoshop because a certain element threatened to ruin the entire batch of pictures. Jennifer, don’t you tell what. Anywho! So here are a couple of the pictures I liked best with a little help from the filter gallery. (P.S. If you wanna see how we’d look as a graphic novel, check out Jen’s post.) (P.P.S. I’ve already been told I look like an amazon standing next to Jennifer. No need to restate.)

Cast your votes. I think I like the accented edges one best. Or the fresco. Or the glow that could easily be an 80s music video. Take on me, y’all.

UPDATE: Josh actually commented on the picture he either loved or hated the most. Cool. You should do that.


6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fun With Photoshop

  1. *slow clap*
    These are truly works of art. I don’t even know if I can pick a favorite. I love them all dearly, although I HATE that smirk that seems permanently fixed to my face! I never could mock in seriousness…


  2. Hahaha. My favorite of you would then have to be the fresco one. Where the smirk, though present, can be construed as mean-spirited. Hahaha. Like we’re mean girls. Which we’re so not.


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