The Wildest Ranch

So, usually Josh works at Natural Bridges but this past Saturday, they sent him over to Wilder Ranch, to which we’d never been. Auntie Annie, Ana and Ethan were visiting so we all decided to visit Joshie at work and see the “new” park. Um, it was amazing. Aaaand I’ll never go to NB again.

Wilder Ranch is a preserved family ranch dating back to the mid 1800s. Miraculously, the state kept developers from making it into a shopping center and kept the barns, the coops, the Victorian main house, etc. All of which is amazing. I could seriously spend hours there. Things for which I don’t have pictures (which is very upsetting): the seriously designer style roosters, the tree that I can’t even identify and which was Ezra’s first tree-climbing experience!, the Victorian house including the crawl space that goes from just beside the front door into the formal dining room (which Ezzie and Thanos crawled through to my surprise). The only slight irritation that day was the mucho-gusto docent (an old woman who made her Victorian costume herself and showed us all of it…right up to the bloomers) who needed all of our attention and needed to assume that children would naturally be bad. Meaning she basically barked at my child as soon as he appeared instead of (A) waiting to see what temperament he actually had or (B) letting his mother ask him to do something. Apparently, three year olds should just instinctively know where she wants them to stand. Stupid. She almost got yelled at by the end of the day when my son was actually putting all of the shop toys back into their bins and accidentally put something in the wrong spot. As his hand was going back in to correct his mistake, she interjects, “You’re not mixing everything up, are you!” and reaches down. Mmkay, (1) Ezra goes to work with Josh constantly at NB and has never once needed instruction on putting things back exactly where he got them. (2) Josh would be the one to reorganize. Not Crazy McBloomer-flashing. Who, again, … is a volunteer. Go somewhere. Anyway, our day was freakin’ awesome so she can just go straighten her eye liner (for the love of God)!

Let us gaze upon the glory:

Auntizzle and the grandboys Auntizzle and the grandboys2Me tooSisters nephewsonsCowboy EzzieCowboysCowgirlsPeering

Well…that’s probably all the pictures you need. Seeing as those of you I know have already seen them anyway. *shrug*

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