Speaka Tha English?

Usually, you can’t figure out/remember when your child grew out of something or learned something. There’s usually not a distinct moment in time where you realize he’s done something for the first time. But yesterday, I realized his accent was completely different. He was using a really hard “r” sound where he’d usually used an “ah”! It wasn’t until today that I realized how he’d come by it.

Ni hao, Kai-lan!

Yeah. Ni hao to you, too, Kai-lan. Now that you’re teaching my son to say “snow” in Chinese, he’s got a weird Chinese kid speaking English accent when he uses any word with an “r”. What the hell. First Wales. Then Dora. (Who basically for all her effort only taught him that if he said something we couldn’t understand, he should just say it was Spanish.) Now Kai-lan. Stupid diversity. Making my son sound all delicious.


3 thoughts on “Speaka Tha English?

  1. I’m with you, stupid diversity.
    I’m sure we’d all be happier if we just stuck to our own.
    Personally, I’m sticking with my narwhal brethren. Now they know how to party. Horny bastards though.


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